The Art of Either

The Art of Either
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


New Superhero series character design: Nighttide, the Extreme Ninja Master of Gravity

Winter 2011

I've also started some texturing work this past quarter, and this repeatable floor panel texture is the first. This will be updated with more as time goes on.

Winter 2011 - Dragon Age Ideas

For the past quarter I've been working on some concepting in the vein of the impression of concepting for a Dragon Age III. I chose the Dragon Age universe because I am working on aiming my portfolio towards Bioware's style, and this way, the comparison is more efficient.

That said, these are my own personal concepts. They are in no way indicative of Bioware's plans. I have no connections to Bioware except for the fact that I've bought a few of their games.

Though it would be cool if it did.